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Urban Gardening

What is Urban Gardening?  Well it's nothing new, its been around prior to ancient Egypt.  The basic definition is cultivating, processing, and distributing food in and around a town, village or city. When we talk about urban gardening here at Advanced Gardening Solutions however, we are talking about this new wave of growing that is sweeping the nation right now.  So many people today are growing their own food for various reasons.  Food security is one big reason.  Lets face it, it's a crazy world we live in today.  The natural disasters seem to be getting worse, and the news is always covering a story of some kind of crazy attack happening somewhere.  A lot of people are turning to growing their own food for food security.  In the event something crazy happens and you no longer have the option of going down to your local supermarket, these people will be ready. However, you do not have to be a doomsday prepper to grow your own food.  Many people are growing their own food to live a healthier lifestyle.  When you grow your own food, you know exactly what you're getting and where it came from.  You may have heard the phrase "farm to table".  This is good stuff, but take this concept a step further and you've got the farm right in your own backyard!

Urban gardening comes in many forms.  If you have the space, a greenhouse is a great option and in many cases can provide a space to grow in year round.  Greenhouses come in many shapes and sizes.  Depending on your needs, let us help you find the right one for you!  If a greenhouse is a bit much, maybe a simple garden or raised beds would be more your style. No backyard?  No problem, there are options for you too!  One option you may want to explore is getting involved in a community garden.  A community garden is a great way to get started on how to grow your own food and meet other like-minded people, but it's not for everyone.  Good gardening generally takes time and dedication.

After a few years in Colorado having no space for a garden, I decided to explore this option.  I rented a plot at a community garden for a summer.  Needless to say, it wasn’t a total success.  Along with so many others, I lead a very busy life and finding the time to stop by my local community garden wasn’t always easy.  The growing season in Colorado, particularly in higher elevations is very short and we don’t receive much rainfall here either.  All it takes is missing a few visits to the garden to result in dried out and dead plants. If the community garden is not an option for you, an indoor garden might just be your next best bet.  Indoor gardens can be created to fit almost any space.  Anywhere from window gardens, to sun rooms, to automated lighting systems in other rooms of the home.  No garden comes without maintenance, but with the right design, managing a garden can be very easy. 

Advanced Gardening Solutions is knowledgeable about what it takes to grow in these alternative spaces.  If urban gardening is something you're interested in exploring, call us today for your free consultation!