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My name is Brandon Waugh, Owner/Operator of Advanced Gardening Solutions LLC. I live in the beautiful town of Poynette, Wisconsin, with my wife Meghan and our two children, Jackson and Savannah. I grew up in this small town farming community in southern Wisconsin. Growing up on a farm was a lot of work. As far back as I can remember, I had chores. All of us had chores. It started with taking care of the animals on the farm and driving the tractors when I could reach the pedals. My family farmed about 200 acres. Alfalfa hay was our cash crop, but most of what we produced on the farm went towards feeding the animals.

Today, with big corporate farms running the show, farms like the one I grew up on are becoming few and far between. So much has changed just in my time here on earth, that I can hardly imagine what it must be like for my parents and grandparents, reflecting back to the way things use to be. Everything moves so fast. Even though this way of life is seemingly fading away before our very eyes, there are still many places on this earth where it is very much alive and well.


When I moved to Colorado in 2009, it wasn't quite culture shock, but I did realize the culture here was much different. Already having a background in labor-driven work, it was no problem staying busy. My first big job there was working for the Town of Dillon taking care of the parks and recreational sites around town. I really took a liking to being involved and helping the community I lived in. From there we went south to the Spanish peaks region and lived in the middle of nowhere Colorado. It was in this place that my skills I learned growing up on the farm really came in handy. Growing up on the farm was a tough life and we made the best of what we had. That's exactly what it was like in Aguilar. People there live isolated, far from your typical modern day conveniences. In places like these you make the best of what you have and you take care of your things because they're all you've got. If something breaks down, going to town is quite the trip. Living in a place like this took being resourceful to another level. Living there was like going back in time. After one long year, we continued our journey on forward to Salida, CO. We really liked Salida, so much in fact that we decided to buy a house and start a family there. My first job in Salida was working for a landscape company and things have been looking up since.

I have honed my irrigation skills in the Rocky Mountains. But, in the summer of 2023, we will be coming back to our roots! We are going to be offering our services in Poynette, Wisconsin, surrounding areas and north Madison areas. Please contact us today to schedule your irrigation and landscaping needs in Wisconsin!


You may have heard the term used before, but what does it mean to "go green". The "go green" that we are talking about, is the eco-friendly, green energy, green diet kind of green. Advanced Gardening Solutions, LLC is geared towards those who want to live healthier, for those who want to live more simply. Maybe you are tired of being tired all the time and need a change in your life? Simply changing your diet can change your life in so many ways. So much food we consume today is loaded with all this junk we don't even need, and in many cases, isn't even good for our bodies. I don't even want to get into all the GMO's they use in crops and animals. It's not all scary stuff though. Things are getting better with all of the organic options on the shelf now, but in many cases even the organic food isn't exactly "fresh". More and more people are getting in tune with their bodies and paying attention to what they are putting in.

You know what they say, you get what you put in; that holds true for your body too! The energy you get from fresh picked food from your own garden is absolutely incredible. People are feeling good by eating healthier foods and leading an active life. More and more people are going green and starting their own gardens. There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own food and eating the fruits of your labor. With so many new ways to grow, there really is no excuse not to! Whether you live in town or live in the country, growing outside or inside, big or small, we have a solution for you! We work with you to determine your individual needs and design a customized system for you. Anything from a basic garden or greenhouse to simple indoor window gardens, all the way to completely customizable and automated grow systems.

So maybe you're already living a green lifestyle and want to go greener? Maybe you want to explore Solar energy? Maybe you want to go off-grid? Advanced Gardening Solutions LLC has options for you too! Anything from powering your greenhouse with solar, to going off grid and starting up your own homestead, we are into that too! We're about more than just landscaping, gardening, growing and going green. We're all about helping you achieve your goals in becoming healthier and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.