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Aquaponics is a subset of hydroponics. It derived from combining hydroponics and aquaculture. Hydroponics is the art of growing plants in water, while aquaculture is the art of cultivating aquatic animals. Combining these allows for a sustainable closed-loop system.

Similar to designing a hydroponics system, an aquaponics system offers endless opportunities. Aquaponics includes essentially a hydroponics system, with the addition of aquatic animals. The most common aquatic animal used are freshwater fish such as bluegill and tilapia, although crayfish and others can be used. The waste from the fish are the nutrients in which the plant roots feed on. This means no added nutrients. The plants filter the water to ensure the health of the fish. Components needed to construct the system include those in a hydroponics system, as well as a fish tank and additional filters. Maintenance includes feeding the fish and cleaning of tanks.

Aquaponics systems are a wonderful alternative. These systems allow for a symbiotic plant-animal relationship. It also allows for the harvesting of both plants and animals. A great option for a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle. We can design and construct a system to fit your needs and lifestyle!