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Greenhouses serve many purposes. They provide a controlled environment, which allows for the conservation of light, temperature, and humidity. They use the sun to heat the inside of the structure and hold it in. They provide shelter from potentially problematic weather and animals. This amazingly contained environment allows for planting and growing year-round. These facts in particular make them a great option for frigid Wisconsin.

There are many different types of greenhouses. While there are seemingly endless structural design options, all greenhouses provide a transparent shelter to allow sunlight in and protection from the outside environment. Greenhouses can be constructed in any shape and size, to fit any need. They can be built of glass, polycarbonate, plastic, and even contain heating systems to protect against sub-zero temperatures. They can also be built partially underground, for more insulation and protection. One of the more common types is called a tunnel, also known as a hoop, greenhouse. These are easily recognized by their rounded rooflines, and are covered in plastic such as polyethylene. The can be built high or low, depending on needs and topography. Another common type is a gable or pitched greenhouse, constructed of polycarbonate sheets. These typically have pitched roofs, and are structurally sound and rigid. Polycarbonate and polyethylene come in different thicknesses, depending on your specific needs.

Materials are not the only factor to come into play when choosing the right greenhouse for you. Do you want a structure with shelving for planted pots and seedlings? Do you want a permanent structure with adjustable shelving and options for fulltime growing? Consider the temperature at which you will want your greenhouse maintained. Do you want to have a tropical greenhouse? The addition of grow lights and heaters is an option. Do you want vegetables year- round? Then add grow lights during the winter months. The possibilities are endless! Let us design and construct your personalized greenhouse!