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The Team

Name: Brandon Waugh

Hometown: Poynette, Wisconsin

Interests & Hobbies: The Great Outdoors, Camping, Snowboarding, Music, Art & Philosophy

Special Skills: Detail work, operating heavy equipment, public speaking

Name: Meghan Waugh

Hometown: St. Croix, USVI

Interests & Hobbies: Hiking, Traveling, Baking

Special Skills: Adaptable, multitasking, NOT public speaking

Name: Robert

Hometown: Utah

Interests & Hobbies: Being outdoors and automotive mechanics

Special Skills: I have a degree in automotive mechanics

Name: Merrick

Hometown: Manitou Springs, CO

Interests & Hobbies: Love skiing, hiking, gardening & mycology

Special Skills: Silversmithing & rope climbing trees