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Other Maintenance

Advanced Gardening Solutions not only offers solutions all of your landscaping and gardening needs, but also all of the maintenance service that come along with it. We have many clients that want zero-maintenance landscapes and set-it and forget-it grow systems. The bottom line is that although we can get things down to a desired low-maintenance design, nothing is truly maintenance free. Even a xeriscape requires a little spring and fall maintenance. The same goes for our indoor gardens, as keeping them clean is important for optimal plant and system performance.

Not only can we build a garden for you, but we can also help you manage it. For some, this might be just a few weekly visits to get things going, or some hand watering to keep your plants healthy while you are away. If you're new to indoor gardening or hydroponics, we offer weekly system check-ups. Our average check-up consists of a full system diagnostics and a water change to replenish nutrients (for hydroponic systems). Since every garden is built with your specific needs in mind, the maintenance varies. No matter what kind of garden you may have, if you need help, we're here to work with you on your schedule to keep things going smoothly and healthy!

There are a lot of vacation homes in the Poynette area. If you are an owner of a vacation rental or have a second home in the area, let us help you keep it looking good year-round with a maintenance package that fits your needs. If you do not live on-site, you do not have to worry about keeping your landscape and garden healthy. Let us care for your garden!